The development of the Internet

Almost 40 years ago the first with today's Internet comparable usage of computers was possible. In 1969 a development was presented that would expand into unimagined dimensions. The system was called Arpanet and connected the first time different computer systems and made it possible to communicate between these computers. At first this network was not meant for public use and mainly supported by the Defense Departement of the United States of America. It was intended to use this system for military purposes.

They wanted to send an unimpeded data stream between military bases that could not me monitored by others. At this time nobody eben thought of a public, civillian, or even commercial use of this technique. The first institutions that began their research in networking where universities and different other research facilities. The time to use the computing capabilities was very short and the scientists had to concentrate on the most important tasks.

A very big step forward was the connection of different research facilities and the respective areas of expertise to share information among each others. It was an absolute milestone in the development of computer technology. Now the worldwide commercialization of the Internet was nearly unstoppable. Due to the complexity of this new technique and before a final publication of a computer network could be considered a user-friendly operating system was needed.

Its expansion startet nearly at the same time as the marketing of the Internet, the new name of this network. This happened in 1982 when the so-called TCP / IP connections became possible. The project that was planned as a military project was now on an unexpected and successful commercial track. But in this time nobody though of today's modern webdesign techniques. Internet was just useful, a source for information, and plain text on a monitor.

A milestone in the development of communication systems was the e-mail. With this it was possible to send low-cost messages from and to anywhere in the world. Of course only if this place had an Internet-enabled computer.
In the early 70s the volume of data sent by e-mails became a problem because it was far higher than the default volume of the transfer protocols.

With the publication of the first graphics-capable Web browser in 1993 the Internet was finally suitable for the mass. It has been never so simple to use the internet whether for private or commercial use.

The term WWW World Wide Web was born which was previously developed in 1989 at CERN near Geneva. The steadily increasing number of users made the Internet more and more popular and with the increase of the public interest this platform became interesting to advertising strategists too. More and more commercial content opened up a complete new market to acquire customers. The official year the Internet as we know it today started is 1990.

In this year the NSF decided finally to allow public use of the Internet. More and more people benefit by the support the internet offers. Some are even convinced that life in the network is much better than in reality. Chat rooms, blogs, and online games can merge real life and the digital world more and more. It is now even possible to manage your entire life on the PC.

Online Banking, shopping, work, the plumber order, save pocket money, or call the grandmother, information gathering, education, and entertainment. The possibilities are endless. IP telephony and instant messaging programs like ICQ, Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Chat, etc. replace common forms of communication. For many people it would be inconceivable to live without them. The use of these services is in many cases absolutely helpful. But we should not let real conversations and real life queue behind. Reality is still most diverse.

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